Yorba Linda Town Center is a pedestrian-friendly, high-end retail, entertainment, and restaurant project located in the heart of Yorba Linda. It will consist of over 125,000 square feet of theater, grocery, clothing, and restaurant uses centered around an open space “commons.”

The Yorba Linda Town Center

About the Project

Guiding Principles

  • The Yorba Linda Town Center development should be consistent with the vision.
  • A variety of public open spaces should be integrated throughout the Yorba Linda Town Center.
  • Circulation in the Yorba Linda Town Center should uphold and balance the needs of the public.
  • High quality restaurants should be established that would draw people to the Yorba Linda Town Center.
  • The commercial mix should foster a vital and convenient retail environment that attracts people and supports growth.
  • Parking should be safe, attractive, and convenient.